Riley and I bought a sailboat at the end of 2012.  Her name is Winbrandt and she is a 1980 C&C 30.  We spent several months traveling back and forth to North Carolina, fixing her up and getting her ready for an extended sail down the East Coast. We set sail in October of 2013 and spent the next five months having the adventure of a lifetime as we sailed down the coast to Key West, Florida and back to Southport, North Carolina.  Our entire trip is documented here on the blog, and we also wrote about our restoration projects and some of our trip on our blog The WaterLog

You can read did I mention that we'll be living on a sailboat? for more about how and why this whole idea got started.

You can catch some of the earlier posts about the trip here:

a great weekend of mostly successful "firsts"... the weekend
feeling impatient to get this adventure started... can't hardly wait
my really embarrassing screw up... learning the hard way
the day we finally got to put her back in the water... on the weekends
getting down and dirty with boat projects... a little bit of dirt is good for the soul
a recap of a working weekend at the boat... the weekend

when we moved out... the day we became homeless-ish 
when we moved onto the boat... oh hey, we live on a boat now 
and the day it really began... setting sail, the adventure begins now!  

And you can find all of my posts about the boat and the duration of our trip from start to finish under the sailing tab.

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