My name is Allison.  I'm 29 years old and I live in Roanoke, Virginia with my husband Riley and our dog Gidget.  I have a handmade jewelry shop on Etsy.  I love the good and simple things in life.  From my closet to my kitchen, I prefer those things that are simple, straightforward, and of the highest quality that a modest lifestyle can afford.  This blog is a way for me to collect and share those things that inspire this kind of living.  

The past year has been an eventful one, as Riley, Gidget and I left our first home together in the country, moved onto a 30' sailboat that we had fixed up ourselves, and embarked on a five month sail down the East Coast.  When we returned to Virginia, we began an entirely different kind of adventure by moving into a downtown apartment in the beautiful little city of Roanoke.  Things are never dull around here!

If you'd like to follow along with our adventures, you can find me on bloglovin, facebook, twitter, and instagram.  You can also reach me by email at baubledept@gmail.com.
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Want to know more?

I wrote the short and sweet version of my life story (in under 250 words) and a little bit about starting up my Etsy shop.  If you like lists, here are 5 random facts about me, and 10 things that make me happy.

There are some wedding pictures in our fifth anniversary post, and I also wrote a little bit about anniversaries and expectations.  You can read about my hardworking husband in the life of riley, and he answered a few questions in his own words in the boy behind the blog.  Also, there's plenty more mushy stuff under the love label.

The post, did I mention that we'll be living on a sailboat? is a great place to start.  You can also find a little bit of background under the sailing tab, or you can read any of my posts about the boat under the sailing label (also a good place to go if you just want to look at a lot of pretty pictures!).  As if that's not enough, we also started a blog to document the trip, beginning with all of the work we've done to get the boat ready to go!
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