Aug 5, 2015


remember that super cute sailor bathing suit I bought while pregnant? she wore it a grand total of 1 time (just for show) before it was too small. still worth it.

creating: I had planned to work on my very first Project Life album, "Expecting Della" during the last few weeks of pregnancy, but the baby arrived the day before the supplies showed up on my doorstep! Now I'm trying to get into it and work on her baby book as well.

wish listing: Lots of home decor and baby clothes. We're still surrounded by mostly blank walls so I've been getting the itch to decorate pretty bad lately. And this little girl of mine is growing so quickly… thank goodness for Baby Gap and cute clothes that make moving up to the next size bracket a little less painful!

hoping: That the weather cools off soon! I'm not trying to wish away the summer, but it's been so hot that I haven't really wanted to spend much time outside with Della. I'm starting to miss the sunshine and fresh air!

eating: A lot of squash and zucchini. Whatever you can hide it in, I'm eating it. Riley's first attempt at a garden might have been overly ambitious, because that thing is producing way faster than we can eat or give away vegetables. It'd be safe to assume we have been eating a ton of this zucchini bread.

watching: Parenthood. Cue all the emotions. I've had this one in my Netflix queue for awhile, but was hesitant to start it while pregnant (cue all the extra emotions). It's such a good show!

What have you been watching lately? Riley and I are looking for a new series to start together. Preferably something feel-good and relaxing! Do you have any suggestions?

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