Jun 30, 2015

one month of motherhood

These first days of Della's life have been the absolute happiest of my own. Don't get me wrong, they've also been the most challenging and exhausting. In fact, I'm so tired that even when I am sleeping, I'm having dreams about not sleeping. Honest to goodness, that really happened. But when we brought her home from the hospital that first day, I felt like I had just been given the most precious gift. I  remember looking down at the angel sleeping in my arms and feeling like God had given me the secret to experiencing the greatest joy possible here on earth.

Della is great at nursing and has put on a healthy 2 lbs. since birth. She is laid-back and perfectly content during baths and diaper changes. She has no patience for gas, but really, who can blame her? She has her Daddy's long fingers and her Mama's chubby cheeks, but anything beyond that is still too early to call. She sleeps best when lying on one of our chests, and would prefer to spend most of her day being walked around. Don't try to pull any of that swaying in one place stuff on her, either, it just won't cut it. She has the funniest facial expressions, and her smiles, even though they aren't in response to anything yet, are just the best. Spending my days with her this past month has been the greatest privilege.

Della at 10 days old
Della at one month old

I still have so much to learn and figure out, but I feel like being a mother is exactly what I'm supposed to be and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me. 


  1. Gah she is so precious!!! Watching my niece grow up these past 9 months has been amazing and I feel so lucky just to be watching as her aunt! Enjoy motherhood!!!! :)

  2. You look so happy together, those photos look lovely!

  3. She's beautiful. Wishing you many continued blessings in your motherhood journey. I can't wait for mine to begin, come September.

    1. Thank you! Excited for you to experience it as well! :)

  4. These pictures are so, so beautiful! Your little girl is perfection.

    Mabel has those same swaddle blankets and I'm obsessed with them!!! They're so beautiful and so great.

  5. What a sweet little lady and love the photos!


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